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Let your feet touch the sky on beautiful summer days by the sea. Swing up and push that serotonin to its limits! The RestoReal team has yet again proved to be able to morph casual reality into an extraordinary one.

Located in a highly reputable hotel in Umm Al Quwain, the “Swing” has been installed at the shoreline next to the crystal-clear sea water. A
new project that has added a touch of magic to the hotel. Built from Aluminium and Mild Steel, this piece serves as one of the main attractions
of the hotel. It is engineered in such a way to carry different weights and is equipped with an underground heavy-duty support to guarantee
the safety and comfort of the guest.

Having mood swings? Well, how about you swing them UP while the sun sets, with that summer breeze, shining water and waves splashes! The RestoReal team is always there to lift your ideas high and shape them into safe and hardcore pieces.

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