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During the Ramadan 2021, the Restoreal team was given an opportunity to create a beautiful piece that is overlooking the Waterfront in a hotel in Dubai. The “Moon” sits there shedding light from a high-tech LED system, intricately designed to illuminate the area with various shades of colour. A two Meter high Aluminum-made piece, the “Moon” is the absolute ambience setter for guests at the hotel, adding a cheerful touch to their dinners, outdoor walks, even to their room view. The perfect entertainment for children and adults, this project has been the talk of the town for its realistic mimic of the actual moon light. The architectural design and end finishing of this piece makes it unique and attractive to the eye. You just can’t miss it!

Planning to propose to your loved one? Or planning to celebrate love? Have a casual sip with a spectacular view? Or just chill out in a cozy atmosphere? Come by the “Moon”. The RestoReal team is always ready to build your ideas and shape them into reality, no matter how dreamy they can be.

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