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The Elevatable Taxicab

Imagine lifting a 1975kg taxicab! Well, now you can in a breeze at the Warner Brothers. Located in Yas Island – Abu Dhabi, this vehicle crafted with science and robust research by the RestoReal team. Fitted with hydraulic mechanism, the taxicab allows anyone (weightlifting not needed) to lift the vehicle with a wireless remote system.

The perfect stationed entertainment to excite an audience of kids and adults in the arena. Aptly positioned near the superheroes from renowned international movies, you can experience your super-power in our Elevatable Taxicab. Test for yourself! Impress your peers with a photo mid-lift while lifting among the greats – Superman, Batman and Spiderman!

Planning to create a spectacular experience? The RestoReal team is ready to build your creative idea to reality, and recreate the success of Warner Brother’s out-of-world taxicab for your business!

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