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Parts Cleaning

Restoreal guarantees excellent and efficient results in parts cleaning,
using the most advanced, state-of-the-art and eco-conscious
cleaning technology.


Using UltraTecno’s innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology, we take parts cleaning to a bespoke level. Ultrasound cleaning technology generates millions of bubbles in water that implodes and triggers an incredibly efficient cleaning process and purification of every type of parts. The ultrasonic machine penetrates even the smallest and most delicate parts being cleaned. We achieve excellent cleaning results with the maximum level of energy efficiency.


The Restoreal sandblasting process uses high-quality power machines to remove paint, dirt, and rust from the surface, leaving smooth and clean parts and panels. We have the most advanced solution for removing paint or rust from your car or any metal parts to prepare it for repainting. Sanding, scraping and grinding are methods of the past. Restoreal’s purpose-built facility employs a most efficient blasting process that is safe and cost effective.


AquaBlast is a state-of-the-art cleaning technology is suitable for processing small to medium parts. This dust-free, high-pressure process cleans by flow, and not impact, producing a soft finish. We have spent years perfecting our blasting systems, making sure our methods and machines work, giving our customers the best service they deserve.

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