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What is Restoreal?

Your restoration specialist

We are the first mechanical restoration workshop in Dubai that offers unique and exceptional services for all automotive and fabrication needs.

Restoreal operates from a comprehensive workshop in Al Qusais, Dubai. We specialize on three main services: parts cleaning, fabrication of steel or any metal, and classic car restoration, using revolutionary machines.

Restoreal Workshop values customer, quality, and safety by offering a one-stop shop for restoration and high-quality cleaning service for automotive parts,steel fabrication, powder coating, metal spray, among others. The possibility is endless.

We have the expertise, experience, and passion for perfection. We arecommitted to delivering the quality of work you envision and expect, with only the top-quality craftsmanship you deserve.


Our Story

The Restoreal founders hailed from extensive mechanical backgrounds with diverse specialities: one who specializes in aircraft maintenance field, and one who specializes in rotating equipment. Both men worked hard and brought their experience together to build the first and the only Emirati mechanical workshop, pioneering unique and revolutionary restoration, fabrication and cleaning systems and processes. Today, customers trust Restoreal’s unique services because they have proven time and again that it is here where they can find whatever they need, whatever they want—-or dream to rebuild and restore, beyond standards.

What do we do?

From something old to something new

From small parts to a whole car, Restoreal turns any piece of rust-covered auto component back to pristine condition. Our team of experts and highly trained staff will make sure your needs and vision for your classic pieces become a reality.

Restoreal provides three main services:

  • automotive parts cleaning
  • fabrication of steel or any metal
  • classic car restoration.

Every service we provide is available separately, and every project can be tailored to the customer’s personal specifications. This guarantees we handle everything with the utmost level of care and attention to detail and produce exceptional results for our customers.

We take pride in our company triad: our highly trained staff, state-of-the-art repair tools and restoration equipment, and our fast, effective, and reliable service.


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