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Metal Fabrication

Restoreal has taken metal fabrication to a bespoke level. Our vision for the design and techniques in customized fabrication is limitless. With our   quality metal manufacturing, we can build, create, and remake any kind metal parts not just for cars, but for a full range of parts that suits your needs—with utmost precision. We can fabricate even the most corroded and rusted panels, car beddings and other parts that seem impossible to restore.


The Restoreal sandblasting process uses high-quality power machines to remove paint, dirt, and rust from the surface, leaving smooth and clean parts and panels. We have the most advanced solution for removing paint or rust from your car or any metal parts to prepare it for repainting. Sanding, scraping and grinding are methods of the past. Restoreal’s purpose-built facility employs a most efficient blasting process that is safe and cost effective.

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